Newmarket–Ontario Winter Game Qualifying Tournament

The Newmarket Challenge 2019 was held at the end of November. Two members from our club, Nathaniel and Huaijin, participated and both of them brought a medal home!
Nathaniel participated in the Men’s Epee which included 50 fencers! He did well in poules 5 out of 5 victories! After a bye, he won the next two DEs easily. Going through the semi-finals, Nathaniel fenced a tough opponent. With his great timing and skills, he moved on to the finals and ended up with a SILVER! Well done Nathaniel!
Huaijin also had a 100% victory in her poules and she ranked as the top seed in the DE. Her final bout was very intense where she was behind until the last points. Finally, she ended the bout with a single light. Bringing the GOLD home, Huaijin has qualified for the Ontario Winter Game.
Way to go London Fencing Club!!
-Written by Huaijin