Nov 8, 2020 | Andrea Csiba
The London Fencing Club’s practices continue to be on hold due to the pandemic. We are not able to rent gym space at this time, as all school and City owned spaces are closed to community rentals. We are all eager to resume practices as soon as we can, and once we are able to, […]
Mar 16, 2020 | Andrea Csiba
The London Fencing Club has cancelled all practices until further notice. We are following the recommendation by the government to shut down all social gatherings and stay home. We will start back up when it is safe to do so. Stay safe everyone!  
Jan 2, 2020 | Andrea Csiba
The Newmarket Challenge 2019 was held at the end of November. Two members from our club, Nathaniel and Huaijin, participated and both of them brought a medal home! Nathaniel participated in the Men’s Epee which included 50 fencers! He did well in poules 5 out of 5 victories! After a bye, he won the next […]
Jan 2, 2020 | Andrea Csiba
Eleven members from our club participated in the Western Open tournament on November 23, and it was a blast! We had eight fencers from our club, amongst other 42 fencers, competing in the men’s epee.  Stephan, Camilo and Nik lost the DE with a tight score and stopped at the top 64. Chris and Nima […]
Dec 9, 2019 | Andrea Csiba
The Brock Open fencing tournament took place on November 16/17 in St. Catherines. There were 8 fencers competing from the club in 4 events. The women’s epee field had a record of 5 fencers competing from the club! Jill fenced in the mixed cadet event in the morning and finished in 12th place, then fenced […]
Nov 22, 2019 | Andrea Csiba
This weekend is the Western Open tournament here in London, at Althouse College on the Western Campus. Women’s epee is on Saturday with a start time of 12:30pm. Men’s epee is on Sunday with a start time of 9:00am. Come out and watch some amazing fencing and cheer on the London Fencing Club fencers! Entrance […]
Nov 12, 2019 | Andrea Csiba
On October 19th our friends at Western Univeristy hosted the Mustang Invitational Team Tournament. It was a great way to start off the fencing season! The London Fencing Club had 2 women’s epee teams and 2 men’s epee teams competing. In total 13 fencers took part from the club, and this was the first competition […]
Sep 7, 2019 | Andrea Csiba
The London Fencing Club is gearing up for the 2019-2020 season! We will be starting our Beginner Class on September 26th, our Intermediate Class on October 2nd, and we will be moving back to St Anne school on September 22nd. Our advanced classes are still at Boyle Community Centre until September 22nd. If you have […]
Nov 24, 2018 | Andrea Csiba
What a fantastic weekend for the London Fencing Club fencers, who competed at the Brock Open in St. Catherines on November 17/18! We had 8 fencers competing in 6 categories, some fencing in multiple categories, with Nathaniel winning GOLD in JME, Avery winning bronze in CME, Huaijin winning bronze in U15 and Andrea winning bronze […]
Apr 1, 2018 | Andrea Csiba
From March 1st to March 4th, 2018 the Ontario winter games were held in Orillia Ontario. There were an estimated 3,000 participants all between the ages of 12 and 18. There was 25 different sports, including fencing. The fencing event was held between March 2nd to March 4th, there were three styles of fencing at […]