Hillary’s busy fall competitive season

Hillary Elliott is having a very busy fall! She travelled to Milwaukee in mid October to compete in the North American Cup, a large event featuring the best fencers all over the US as well as International competitors. She fenced in the Division II event, where she finished 62nd out of 103 competitors. She did a great job winning her first DE bout by a score of 15-14!

The following weekend Hillary was the sole representative from our club at the first Canada Cup of the season held in Sherbrooke QC. She fenced in the junior and senior events. In the junior event she finished 15th out of 33 by winning her first DE bout to get into the top 16.  In the senior event she won 2 of her 5 poule bouts, then went on to win a very tight match against fellow pentathlon athlete by a score of 14-13. In the next round she faced an Olympian and finished with a score of 11-15 – which is great against such a tough opponent! Overall Hillary finished 28th out of 42 competitors.

Hillary is spending much of her November in Mexico training for the qualifier event for the Youth Olympics. She will be back in London briefly before heading off to Dallas for the next North American Cup.

We all wish Hillary good luck at the Youth Olympic qualifier and the NAC!