Youth Lion Vango 2016

Nathaniel and Noah Stokan represented the London club at the Youth Lion Vango tournament in Toronto on April 2-3, 2106. Noah started the day with four wins in his poule, faring well against some familiar competitors. After ranking eighth out of the poules, he narrowly lost his first DE in a bout full of double-hits, and finished overall in ninth.

Nathaniel defeated all of his competition in the poules, placing him in second to start and earning himself a bye. He won the first two DE bouts 15-7 and 15-12 respectively, bringing him to the semi-finals. Not to be daunted, he easily beat the other fencer, finishing with a score of 15-7. His final bout was a gripping back-and-forth match. Eventually, the time ran out with the score at 14-13, and Nathaniel achieved a well-earned silver medal!

Congratulations Stokan brothers!