York OCC

Congratulations to Eamon Drysdale for winning the gold medal, to Karen Laansoo for winning the bronze medal and to Brannon Kelly for his 5th place finish at the York OCC in Toronto on January 20th.

Karen started the day by winning 5 out of her 7 matched in the poule round. This awesome result ranked her 3rd out of poules. After a solid performance, she beat her opponent in the round of 8 and moved on to the semi final where she put up a fight but lost, thus winning the bronze medal!

Next up were Eamon and Brannon. Both fenced well in the poule round, Eamon finishing 2nd and Brannon finishing 5th. Eamon cruised through his matches and did not stop until he reached the top of the podium winning the gold medal! Brannon had an exciting match in his first round of elimination, beating his opponent and securing a spot in the top 8, where he unfortunately lost a close match.

Great job to all!