Western Open 2019–A Tournament in London

Eleven members from our club participated in the Western Open tournament on November 23, and it was a blast!
We had eight fencers from our club, amongst other 42 fencers, competing in the men’s epee.  Stephan, Camilo and Nik lost the DE with a tight score and stopped at the top 64. Chris and Nima fenced each other in the first DE and Nima won by two. Nima ended up within the top 32. Brennon fenced well in his poules winning all but two, then fenced Avery at the second DE. Avery won and ended up 14th. Nathaniel fenced through three DEs and beat the opponents with higher seeds. Stopping at the fourth DE, he stayed in the top 8.
Four participated in the women’s epee. Jill beat an opponent with a higher seed in the top 16 DE round and ended up 16th! It was only Jill’s second tournament and she has done an awesome job! Huaijin fenced two DE bouts and ended up within the top 16 as well. Louisa won a hard-fought 14-13 bout and ended up 12th! Lauren fenced well in the poules where she won all but one, and she beat a national team member 5-3! After a bye in the first DE, Lauren stopped at her second DE round with a close 13-15 bout. Andrea won all of her poule bouts and kept the good fencing to the semi-finals, earning a BRONZE medal!Congrats!
Great job everyone!
-Written by Huaijin