Queen’s Open 2014

The Queen’s Open took place over the weekend of October 25/26 in Kingston. The Cadet category was represented by Hillary Elliott who came in 7th and Nathaniel Stokan who finished 8th. The men’s senior epee was held on Saturday with Brannon Kelly winning 4 out of 7 poule matches, as well as coming out on top in his first elimination bout before losing in top 32. Eamon Drysdale had a strong poule as well, followed by an easily won first elimination bout. His second bout was a nail bitter, tactical match with Eamon outfencing his opponent with a couple of well timed wrist hits and a prime, finishing in the top 16. The women’s senior event saw Karen Laansoo and Hillary Elliott finish in the top 32 and Andrea Csiba finish 5th.

Good Job everyone!