Queen’s Open 2013

Our club had a nice turnout at the Queen’s Open in Kingston on the weekend of October 26-27.

Catherine Fowler fenced in two events, starting off her day in the Cadet category, where she won her first DE bout to finish 8th. Her fencing kept improving during the day, with 4 wins out of 6 poule bouts in the senior event.

Nathaniel Stokan fenced in the cadet event, where he also did a great job winning his first DE bout and finishing 7th out of 13 fencers.

Brannon Kelly and Eamon Drysdale fenced in the senior men’s epee event, finishing 34th and 17th respctively, out of 50 fencers.

Karen Laansoo and Andrea Csiba fenced hard and each won 5 out of 6 poule bouts. They continued the day by winning their first DE, but unfortunately fell short on the second round DE, and finished 11th and 12th respectively.

Great job everyone!