Provincial Championships 2016

The Ontario Provincial Championships on March 5th and 6th in Kingston saw great fencing from ten club members. Chris Wick and Byoungchan Kim fenced in the Senior Men’s Epee, the largest category of the tournament, on Saturday. They placed 47th and 40th respectively. BK missed his first DE by a single point after a great comeback, and Chris went on to fence in the Veteran Men’s as well, where he finished 12th.

BK also fenced in the Junior Men’s Epee event along with Nathaniel Stokan. After doing well in their poules, both won their first round DE bouts, with BK winning his second one as well, and ended in 8th and 11th. Nathaniel also participated in the Cadet Men’s event, finishing 5th out of 27 competitors. Brother Noah Stokan also did well in the U15, where he swept through his poules with four victories and placed overall in 10th.

Representing the Senior Women’s Epee were Catherine Fowler, Andrea Csiba, Karen Laansoo, Lauren Pasma, Noura Hamade, and Sasha Zanina. They swept through the top twenty-five, with Catherine finishing in 11th, Andrea in 12th, Karen in 14th, Lauren in 20th, Noura in 22nd, and Sasha in 23rd. Catherine was also the club’s sole representative of the Junior Women’s Epee, where she did some great fencing that earned her 13th.

Fantastic job to all fencers! Pictures of the action can be seen on the club’s Facebook page.