Ontario Provincial Championships 2014 Results

Our club was well represented at this year’s Ontario Provincial Championships.

Our senior men’s epeeists kicked off the weekend, with Eamon finishing 19th, Brannon 32nd and Chris W. 44th. The competition was very tough with all of the top fencers in Ontario competing.

Chris E. fenced in the Veteran’s epee event coming in 9th place.

Hillary competed in three events over the weekend, finishing in 5th place in the Cadet event, 13th in Juniors and 19th in the Senior event.

Karen and Andrea came in 14th and 3rd place respectively in the women’s epee event. Karen then continued fencing the in team event and captured the gold medal! Great job Karen.

Overall it was a good weekend, fencing a lot of new people and competing against the best fencers in Ontario. Great job everyone.