Mustang Invitational Tournament

On October 19th our friends at Western Univeristy hosted the Mustang Invitational Team Tournament. It was a great way to start off the fencing season! The London Fencing Club had 2 women’s epee teams and 2 men’s epee teams competing. In total 13 fencers took part from the club, and this was the first competition for 4 of them! Nima, Avery and Chris were on a team and Elliott, Camilo and Rich were on the other team. Nik fenced with the team from Western. There were lots of hard bouts fought, and lots of great bouts won and beautiful points scored. Both teams finished in the top 8. On the women’s side, the 2 teams from the club defeated the teams from Western to fence each other in the finals! Gold went to Huaijin, Charlotte and Andrea and the silver to Louisa, Jill and Lauren. Congratulations ladies!