Brock Open – Tournament

The Brock Open fencing tournament took place on November 16/17 in St. Catherines. There were 8 fencers competing from the club in 4 events. The women’s epee field had a record of 5 fencers competing from the club! Jill fenced in the mixed cadet event in the morning and finished in 12th place, then fenced in the senior field in the afternoon, where she won 2 of her 5 poule bouts and then had a very tough first round elimination bout against a very experienced fencer. Jill finished 37th, great job Jill at your 2nd ever fencing tourney! Lauren, fencing in the facility where she first learned to fence, won 2 of 5 in the poules then had a tight DE match, finishing in 36th. Louisa had a good poule where she won 3 of 6 bouts and carried her good form into the elimination round where she won her first DE! Louisa came in 27, great job! Huaijin had a really good poule where she won 4 of 5, and then easily won her first DE bout. Her top 32 bout was very close and she was short just 2 points. Huaijin came in 20th. Andrea had a good day and won 5 of 5 poule matches and didn’t stop until the semis where she ended up losing, thus winning a bronze medal. There were 55 competitors in this field.

In the men’s epee field, Nathaniel came in 20th out of 75. Great job! Nima and Nik came in 61 and 64 respectively. Nima also fenced in the junior event and came in 15th. Great job everyone!