Brock Open – A Gold and a Silver Medal!

The Brock Open tournament on November 8-9 was well represented with eight fencers competing, and two fencers coming home with a gold and a silver medal respectively! Catherine Fowler won a well earned Gold medal in the junior competition, beating the senior epee silver medalist in the semi final and then a pentathlete in the final to earn the top spot on the podium. Nathaniel Stokan won the Silver medal in the cadet competition, where he easily defeated his first opponent before fencing a tight semi final match where he won by one point, taking him to the finals!

John Campbell and Noah Stokan fenced in the U14 category and both finished the day with two wins, with each having a good set of bouts! Looking forward to seeing both of them at more competitions to come.

Senior Men’s epee was represented by Eamon Drysdale and Chris Wick. Eamon had a good day winning all of his poule bouts and eventually finishing 10th. Chris won 3 of his poule bouts and lost a heartbreaker elimination match by a point finishing 33rd. Senior Women’s epee saw Karen Laansoo and Andrea Csiba compete, finishing 20th and 12th respectively.

Great job everyone, and congratulations to our medalists. To see their pictures on the podium, please click here: