4 Medals at Brock Open

What a fantastic weekend for the London Fencing Club fencers, who competed at the Brock Open in St. Catherines on November 17/18! We had 8 fencers competing in 6 categories, some fencing in multiple categories, with Nathaniel winning GOLD in JME, Avery winning bronze in CME, Huaijin winning bronze in U15 and Andrea winning bronze in SWE. It is amazing to see Nathaniel winning the gold medal – he has been training hard and it all paid off. He fenced well in the poules winning all but one, then beat a tough opponent in the semi finals and kept the momentum up in the finals  coming out on the top with a 15-14 win!  For Avery – this was his 3rd tournament of his fencing career! His athleticism showed off in the poules were he won all but 2, and kept up the great fencing by marching to the semi finals! Huaijin brought her usual competitive spirit and won a hard fought 15-14 bout in the elimination round to win her bronze! Andrea had a good day and fenced 3 lefties en route to the bronze.

Lauren had a very good day winning 4 of her poule bouts and then losing a tight match her 2nd DE. Louisa fenced hard in her poule and had several tight matches and fenced well in her elimination round. Nima fenced in two categories, fenced several tight matches and we are all looking forward to seeing him at more tournaments. Elliott had a good result as well in his first year of competing, and looking forward seeing him at more tournaments also.

Great job everyone!